29 October 2010

Blaming Of The Captive:

Trapping of and imprisoning of a person and-then preventing of release until that person has surrendered part of their body via amputation is an act of CRIMINAL AMPUTATION by the captor regardless of who conducts the actual amputation.

The captive of Jew have often been imprisoned until self-amputation of part of their body so that the Jew can be blaming of the victim for the amputation.

Blaming of the captive for such self-amputation is another example of the "Distortion by Jew" called Judaism.


Cover Of Indigo:

Here is a photograph of the book-cover which is colored "indigo" [representing a type of Hebrew] then of the book which is named "We" by Aviator Charles A Lindbergh Sr:


27 October 2010

Prevented From Editing:

We have been prevented from further on-line editing of Our other blog ["Blog Of Christ"] due to on-line interference while using a public-access computer.

We are pleased to include this note that We did win the "2010" Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism for some of report in Our other blog ["Blog Of Christ"].

Among the report leading to Our being awarded of this Pulitzer Prize is likely the report labeled "An Inside-Job" and the award was based on Our explanation of the ambiguity of loosely worded journalism.

The notification of winning of that Pulitizer Prize was intercepted before delivery to Us and the actual Pulitizer Prize was stolen by "The New York Times". Thus We were AWARDED the Pulitzer Prize and We did WIN the Pulitizer Prize but We did not RECEIVE the Pulitizer Prize.

We have in both of Our blog then explained many of the ambiguity found and-then presented the factually correct version.

The real President "Barack Hussein Obama II" has suicided.

One or more of imposter has continued making of public-appearance as "President Obama" and is often the same familiar imposter who appeared as "Candidate Obama" during the campaign for the Presidency.

The name of the deceased President Obama is correctly pronounced as "Baruch Hussein Obama II".


26 October 2010

But Wait; There Is More:

Preview: This blog-post will discuss how the Jew of Germany often amputated the tongue of their prisoner for lying.

The Jew did not want to hear another word from those captive who according to the "Distortion by Jew"[1] then had lied. Those victim of Jew died horribly with the Jew blaming of their victim for having lied.

[1]Judaism is the "Distortion by Jew".


25 October 2010

Criminal Distortion:

The Jew of Germany were attempting to legitimize their criminality by distorting of the Scripture of Hebrew (which had been stolen by Jew) and by applying of their criminal distortion to people who had been captured by Jew.

One of such criminal distortion of the Scripture of Hebrew involved the prohibition against "binding" which actually relates just to impeding of the circulation of blood.

The Jew of Germany criminally claimed that wearing of a useful wristwatch was an act of "binding" and thus people who were wearing of a wristwatch when captured by the Jew then would have been intending to impede the circulation of their blood so the Jew routinely amputated of that hand.

Having amputated of the hand (often above the wristwatch) then there was no further "binding" as found according to the criminal "Distortion by Jew". The Jew claimed that by amputation to have been enforcing of the prohibition against "binding" found in the Scripture of Hebrew.


24 October 2010

Claiming Of The First-Born Son:

The Anti-Christ [Lucifer and the "New World Order"] has maintained its existence by claiming of the first-born son of people captured by the Anti-Christ. Those illegal claim have been criminally enforced on behalf of the Anti-Christ [Lucifer and the "New World Order"] by using many of method which includes trapping of the first-born son at some of facility controlled by the Anti-Christ.

One of response to such claim has been abandoning of the first-born son as an infant[1][2]. Abandonment of an infant is ALWAYS CRIMINAL. To facilitate with not suspicion the abandonment of an infant then there is often a false claim with regard to the kidnapping or death of the infant.

Such an abandonment followed by the false claim with regard to kidnapping and death was made in the case of Charles A Lindbergh Jr[3].

The many of parent who have been associated with the Anti-Christ and who have abandoned their infant were NOT acting based on altruism[4] regardless of the fact that the infant thus abandoned might as when an adult[5] then have been able to avoid becoming captured by the Anti-Christ.

Question - - Did thou abandoned an infant.
Qvestion - - Did thou abandoned an enfant.

[1]An infant [enfant] is a person being of younger than three of year of age.
[2]See section labeled 'First-Born Son Of "J-F-K" [Detail]' in Our other blog ["Blog Of Christ"].
[3]Charles A Lindbergh Jr actually looks [sees] like his mother Anne Morrow Lindbergh and therefore should not have been named as "Junior" to Charles. The news-story with regard to an execution in that case then was also fabricated by using of "witnesses" who would lie.
[4]Aviator Charles A Lindbergh Sr being of Hebrew [Nazi] like the Astronaut Neil Armstrong then would not have been sacrificed to protect the infant named Charles "Jr" who is not Hebrew. Charles Sr being of Hebrew [Nazi] was the real reason for having of that Swastika drawn inside of the nose-cone of the airplane named "Spirit of St. Louis".
[5]An adult is a person being of thirteen of year of age or being of older than thirteen of year of age.


14 October 2010

Weapon Of Mass Destruction:

The real issue with regard to the video published by WikiLeaks called "Collateral Murder" is that the optical target recognition gun attached to that helicopter is a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

Using of that optical target recognition gun then ten-thousand bullets can cause ten-thousand of victim.

Using of that optical target recognition gun then fifty-thousand bullets can cause fifty-thousand of victim.

Using of that optical target recognition gun aimed at any group then that entire group can become victim [as shown in that "Collateral Murder" video].

The optical target recognition gun is a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION.


13 October 2010


Do people in the "State of Israel" actually believe that the real Jew [Cro-Magnon Man] would pledge loyalty to a group of wide-eyed Negro who call themselves "Jew-ISH"?

The name of species "Negro" refers to the fact that the brain of that species does NOT GRO[W] and is the name of that species regardless of whether some of Negro[1] might have skin that is pale or have been referred to as being of "White".

[1]Including the "Jew-ISH" group of Negro.


07 October 2010

Organization Of The Anti-Christ:

What We have asked reveals the structure of the organization of the Anti-Christ [Lucifer and the "New World Order"].

Question - - What is thy rank.
Qvestion - - Vhat iz thy rank.

Question - - Art thou rank.
Qvestion - - Art thou rank.

Question - - Art thou Z-rank.
Qvestion - - Art thou Z-rank.

Question - - Art thou X-rank.
Qvestion - - Art thou X-rank.

Question - - Art thou V-rank.
Qvestion - - Art thou V-rank.

Question - - Art thou T-rank.
Qvestion - - Art thou T-rank.

Question - - Art thou R-rank.
Qvestion - - Art thou R-rank.


05 October 2010

Same War; Different Name:

The War began many of thousand of year ago as being of the conflict of Hebrew versus Jew [Cro-Magnon Man].

This same War has also been referred to as being of the conflict of Nazi [Hebrew] versus Zion [Jew].

Finally then this same War has been referred to as being of the conflict of Christ [King of Israel] versus the Anti-Christ [Lucifer and the "New World Order"].

We are the Hebrew and Nazi and Christ [King of Israel].

We have been at War against the Jew and Zion and Anti-Christ [Lucifer and the "New World Order"].

This War is the same War referred to by using of different name.

This War is the real War of Good versus Evil.


Whatever Crap You Want:

The Jew and the "New World Order" will tell to you whatever crap you want to hear.

The Jew and the "New World Order" will sell to you whatever crap you want to buy.

The Jew and the "New World Order" will feed to you whatever crap you want to eat.


04 October 2010

Guide For Pronunciation:

There are issue of pronunciation which We have addressed by phonetically spelling of some of the word and term[1].

For example:

"Qvestion - - Art thou Vrank-en-shence" is phonetically spelled and while being pronounced the same then may be written as follows:

Qvestion - - Art thou Vrank-en-sence.

Similarly then We have asked:

Qvestion - - Art thou Vrank-en-shtein.

Qvestion - - Art thou Vrank-en-stein.

[1]A "term" is composed of more than one word.


01 October 2010

Disguising Of The Serpent:

Jew and associate of the "New World Order" have used numerous disguise to hide themselves among the public.

Jew and the "New World Order" have ILLEGALLY required non-Jew and non-associate to use a similar disguise as a condition of employment or promotion.

Jew and the "New World Order" have ILLEGALLY required such similar disguising of other people for the purpose of concealing of the disguise of Jew and associate of the "New World Order" by having of a disguised appearance consistent with other people who as a condition of employment or promotion then have been required to use a similar disguise.

For example: Jew and associate of the "New World Order" have required other people to wear a dental prosthetic for the purpose of hiding of themselves among user of dental prosthetic; Jew and associate of the "New World Order" have required other people to receive cosmetic surgery for the purpose of hiding of themselves among recipient of cosmetic surgery.

Thus the Serpent blends into the surrounding population.

Such disguise[um] includes:

(1) Cosmetic surgery [often including of facial implants and redesigning of the nose and ears];

(2) Hair transplant and wig;

(3) Dental prosthetic [false crown and false teeth];

(4) Artificial adjustments of weight and height [bloating and shrinking].


Each And Every Word:

Each and every word means what We intend for each and every word to mean. We can cause the Sun to rise in the West by defining of the general direction from where the Sun appears to rise as being of "West" instead of "East".

While yet a prisoner of the criminal "New World Order" then We have found that translating to the vernacular of criminal to be necessary because the criminal have refused to recognize Our authority over language.

We are thus translating of some of word to that vernacular.

"Jew" means "Frank". "Jew" means "Vrank".

Many of phonetically encrypted of clue[1] with regard to that vernacular have been available. The term "frankincense" refers to having of the brain of Jew which is the brain of Cro-Magnon Man.

"Frankincense" is a cryptic reference to "Frank-in-sense" [Frank-en-shence] where "Frank" refers to "Jew" and "sense" refers to "thinking" [Jew-in-thinking].

"Gold" and "Frankincense" and "Myrrh" were each clue for identifying of Jew. "Myrrh" was often associated with name such as "Murray" [Myrrh-y] or "Myhrvold" [Myrrh-fold or Myrrh-family] and "Gold" was associated with many of name[2].

Thus We have asked:

Question - - Art thou Frank.

Question - - Art thou Frank-in-sense.

Question - - Art thou V-Rank.

Question - - Art thou V-Rank-in-sense.

Qvestion - - Art thou Frank.

Qvestion - - Art thou Frank-en-shence.

Qvestion - - Art thou Vrank.

Qvestion - - Art thou Vrank-en-shence.

[1]The suffix for non-specific plural will eventually be "um". "Clues" is a verb which will eventually be correctly spelled as "kluez". Thus what has been written as "many of clue" can be written as just "klueum".
[2]The name "Perle" and the name "Gates" [Pearly Gates] were also clue for identifying of Jew.


02 September 2010


As shown in the theatrical production "Cabaret" then Freemason organized crime in Germany was popularizing of disease-spreading male homosexuality (as organized crime has done in the United States) and encouraging of people to put aside good activities such as "the knitting, the book, and the broom" to spend their money at the Cabaret provided by organized crime. Nazi closed such garbage.

The libraries of Germany were loaded with books polluted with lies by Freemason organized crime. Nazi burned such garbage.

Nazi were clearing of garbage from Germany and that garbage included Freemason organized crime.


Frankenstein Question:

Question - - Art thou Frankenstein.

Qvestion - - Art thou Frank-en-Shtein.

Question - - Art thou Frank-in-Stein.


30 August 2010

Resident Of America Are Prisoner:

One of the common lies with regard to America is that "Americans are protected by two oceans". Even Osama bin Laden made such an assertion. The truth is that resident of America are kept as PRISONER of organized crime by ocean along both of the continental coast.

People subjected to many of the condition imposed by organized crime in America would have long since left their home by foot or cart or automobile but because there exists a similar situation in Canada and Mexico then there is little opportunity to safely leave.

Nazi have been fighting of this organized crime of Jew since long before the administration of Adolph Hitler.

Most of resident of America think that they would be free but are actually prisoners of organized crime.


Monster Made By Frankenstein:

As written in Our other blog: "Abraham Lincoln was made by Hebrew. Project Lincoln put the brain of Hebrew together with the skull of Cro-Magnon Man."

The Jew was engaging in similar hybriding of people and the result was the real monster made by Frankenstein. "Frankenstein" refers to "Frank-in-Stein".

"Frank" refers to the brain of Jew [as in "frankincense"] and "Stein" refers to the skull of yellow or blue Negro[1]. Thus the Jew made hybrid people by combining of the brain of Jew plus the features of some of non-Jew. That hybrid made by Jew is the real Frankenstein monster.

Adolph Hitler was not Frankenstein; Adolph Hitler was real Hebrew [Nazi] and was battling the Frankenstein monster and their organization [Freemasonry].

The foundation principle of Freemasonry has been their FALSE claim of being of Hebrew. Freemason have falsely claimed to be Hebrew and those Freemason are actually the Frankenstein hybrid having of the brain of Jew.

The American Civil War was actually a battle between the brain of the real Hebrew [Nazi] as in Abraham Lincoln and the brain of Jew [Frankenstein] fighting for their Confederacy of organized crime.

American and British Frankenstein [Jew] Freemasons went to war in support of German Frankenstein [Jew] Freemasons and against the real Hebrew [Nazi].

Freemasons are the Frankenstein monster having of the brain of Jew [Cro-Magnon Man].

[1]See section labeled "Color-Code" at U-R-L 'http://blog-of-christ.blogspot.com/' or 'http://www.tinyurl.com/pelonius/'.


23 August 2010

Original Title:

Few people appear to have noticed that the translated original title of "Mein Kampf" by Adolph Hitler is "Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice".

Even the shortened title which is "My Struggle" then[1] often remains untranslated as "Mein Kampf" on the book-cover of translated versions as to inhibit many of people from realizing the true nature of that book.

[1]"Rests" belong in music instead of in English. The comma often leads to ambiguity. Instead of using of the comma then correct English syntax includes: (1) if [...] then [...]; (2) which is [...] then [...]; each as [...] then [...]; (4) [subordinate clause] [then] [independent clause]. The expression "and-then" is used where just "then" would have been used to indicate sequence.


20 August 2010

The Name "Nazi":

The name "Nazi" was chosen by Hebrew because "Nazi" refers to "none-Jew".

"Na" translates to "none"; "zi" is an abbreviation of "ziet" [sh*t] which refers to Jew. Thus "na-ziet" became the name "Nazi".

The name "Zion" and other term associated with "Zion" [Zion*] are also correctly interpreted as being related to the word "ziet" [sh*t].


13 August 2010

Hebrew Is Nazi:

As written in Our other blog[1]: From Hebrew then Jew and Judaist stole the Star of David[2] and polluted Scripture of Hebrew with lies which they called "Judaism"[3].

The real Hebrew who are the species of Moses the Hebrew did at some time following of that theft chose the name "Nazi" for identification and the Swastika for Our symbol; both of which are as intended clearly distinguishable from those criminal Jew and Judaist. Therefore: Hebrew is Nazi.

Naziism is the true faith of Hebrew [Nazi] and followers of Naziism are Naziists[4].

[1]See section labeled "Hebrew Versus Jew" and section labeled "Our Scripture" at U-R-L 'http://blog-of-christ.blogspot.com/' or 'http://www.tinyurl.com/pelonius/'.
[2]King David the Hebrew.
[3]Among many of other items with regard to which Jew and Judaist have lied: The Pharaohs were Jew. The first-born Egyptian males who were Jew were slain while God protected the Hebrew.
[4]The other spelling as "Nazism" and "Nazists" is acceptable.


28 July 2010

Our Credentials:

We are Nazi.

We use the Royal Grammar. "We" [and "Our" and "Us"] refers to God as being of One with Us.

We are known as having of numerous title which includes:

Christ and King of Israel [many of people have recognized Us as being God];

The Pope;

The Dalai Lama [recognized by China];

Sovereign of the United States;

Sovereign of the Weimar Republic;

Homeless Bum [actually a prisoner of the criminal "New World Order"].


24 July 2010

On The Book Of Organized Crime:

Have you been admitted to one of those "elite" universities where post-graduation employment is nearly guaranteed? Consider yourself to be on the book of organized crime.

Have you been admitted to any medical or dental school? Consider yourself to be on the book of organized crime.

Have you found that "perfect" job in the media or entertainment or banking and finance? Consider yourself to be on the book of organized crime.

Have you been promoted to nearly any management position in this criminal society? Consider yourself to be on the book of organized crime.

When you are "on the book of organized crime" then you are in debt to organized crime. People who are in debt to organized crime are told by organized crime what they must do. Each and every person who is on the book of organized crime is an associate of organized crime[1].

This control by organized crime of employment and of the economy is what the original Nazi Party has been fighting. This control by organized crime of employment and of the economy is presently in every territory managed by the criminal "New World Order".

Question - - Art thou on the book of organized crime.

[1]Being of "on the book of organized crime" is different than being of "on the payroll of organized crime". Organized crime does hire people to do their work for them and some of those people are just "on the payroll of organized crime".


23 July 2010

Adolph Hitler:

Have you seen the attached photograph from LIFE Magazine? That is the real Adolph Hitler. Imposters were often used for public appearances and many of those imposter can be recognized by the fake nose [attached to the fake mustache][1].

Jew often amputated the nose of their prisoners. Those imposters for Adolph Hitler who appeared in many of published photographs of "Hitler" had actually been prisoners of Jew and were liberated by Adolph Hitler.

Jew also surgically implanted into some of prisoner a remotely controlled explosive poisonous device for killing. Those implanted devices for killing needed to be removed with not delay and regardless of the war-time lack of anesthesia. Puppet of Jew and puppet of the "New World Order" have claimed just that Nazi doctors were doing of surgery with no anesthesia.

[1]The use of imposters for public appearance is a tool of organized crime but has been used by other people especially during of time of war.


22 July 2010

Eliminating Of Organized Crime:

The political movement connected to Naziism which was "National Socialism" then has been one of the most defamed of political movement in history.

Has any other "anti-defamation league" [or mainstream media] ever told you that Adolph Hitler was fighting to eliminate ORGANIZED CRIME from Germany? The many of political reform supported by Hitler through "National Socialism" were designed to break the grip of ORGANIZED CRIME on the economy of Germany by providing of government support for each individual person as an alternative to the financial support provided by ORGANIZED CRIME to its associated criminal and their family.



This blog of the Nazi Anti-Defamation League presents truth as compared to the decades of false propaganda spread by various other "anti-defamation league".

While messages for this blog are being prepared then kindly read Our other blog ["Blog Of Christ"] at:

' http://blog-of-christ.blogspot.com/ '


' http://www.tinyurl.com/pelonius/ '.